Second NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online – November 21st 2020

On Saturday, November 21st, 2020 we organized our second virtual NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online. We were showered with compliments and are overwhelmed that we had around 1.000 registrations from 75 different countries. We are proud and extremely happy over this success.

We hope you were inspired by our program and amazing faculty of international corneal experts and liked the creative breaks, musical interludes and the interactions with you as viewers! We strongly perceived your presence and we thank you for participating in the polls, submitting your art pieces and sending us your WhatsApp messages! Before the scientific program, our evening traditionally started off with classical music composed by Dr. John Gottsch (Baltimore) and Dr. Gerrit Melles. We hope you enjoyed it.

Below you will see an overall impression of the NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online of November 21st, 2020 with some backstage photos, reviews, poll results, and incoming messages by attendees from all over the world!

Click here for an impression of our previous cornea evenings.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners and sponsors:

This event is powered by: Eurobio, Ziemer, Visser contact lenses, Lions Eye Institute, SurgiCube, and Hippocratech.

"I've been in the academic medicine and clinical practice for 3.5 decades and I must admit that the last 3 hours have been the best investment in education experience I've had in a long time!"

- Dr. Sadeer Hannush, Philadelphia, USA

Recording of the 2nd NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online, Nov 21, 2020

If you have registered for the event, you will receive the link to the recording of the whole NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online via email.

If you have not registered but you do want to view the recording of the NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online, please fill in the request form on the right side of this page (if you opened this page on your phone, the request form is on the bottom of this page). We ask you to donate any chosen amount to the Melles Research Fund before we send you the link to the recording.


If this event and therefore also the recording has added value for you and your field, we would like to ask you to make a donation. Your donation to the Melles Research Fund benefits MRF’s ophthalmic research and education is highly appreciated, please donate via this page.

Fellow videos

You can the fellow videos here. We were able to involve our fellows in this Online Evening since they are for sure part of our NIIOS family! Please enjoy these short video fragments from our beloved NIIOS fellows worldwide.

We look forward to seeing, meeting, chatting and interacting with you at one of our upcoming NIIOS events. So, please keep an eye on our website and connect on LinkedIn!


"Having done a number of these virtual meetings now and understanding all the technical issues, your meeting was pulled off with perfection. What a tremendous tribute to the 20th anniversary of NIIOS! "

- Dr. Jonathan Lass, Ohio, USA

"Fantastic event: great quality, good program, wonderful people, valuable contributions from all fellows and NIIOS staff, and all the specific humorous, artistic and creative attributions and of course the music."

- Ramón Hilberink, SurgiCube

A selection of WhatsApp messages during the event

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In one word, what did you think of the NIIOS Cornea Evening – Live Online?

Warm regards in your own language and we hope to see you at our next event!

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